Saturday, January 17, 2015

How To Install Nokia Asha/Lumia/Zune USB Driver

How To Install Nokia Asha - Lumia - Zune USB Driver In Windows

You Don't need to install any special software or program to get the USB driver for your Nokia mobile phone, Download  here the latest All Nokia Phones Driver Package and learn how to use and install.

Step To Install Nokia Drivers In Windows :

1: After Downloading the USB Driver package you should extract it to your hard disk.

2: Open the extracted folder.

3: You will see:

lumia and asha phone drivers
Lumia Phone Drivers
Zune Drivers

4: The above drivers will cover all your needs for Nokia Mobile phones.
5: Double click on Nokia_Connectivity_Cable_Driver.msi to install it, And follow the instructions.

6: Double Click on WinUSB Drivers xxx.msi (inside Lumia Phone Drivers folder) to install it, And follow the instructions.

7: Reboot your PC.

8: Connect your Nokia mobile phone to your computer using the USB cable.

9: In case your computer asks for more driver then just show it the (Zune Drivers) folder or (lumia and asha phone drivers) according to your device model.

10: After your computer installed the needed driver it is better to restart the pc again.
11- Done.  

Direct Download Nokia USB Driver Pack All In One

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